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We believe that driver education is one of the most important classes that will be taken during a person's lifetime. Learning an obeying the rules of the road, executing defensive driving techniques and being a patient and courteous driver can make the difference between life and death.

Therefore, we at Noble Driving Academy take our role as educators very seriously. The safety of all our students is our primary goal.

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Noble Driving Academy was established in Alexandria, VA to meet the growing demand for driving schools in the area with the passion for traffic safety in mind. We know safe drivers are created through a personal commitment - a commitment to drive in ways that save lives, time, and money. Our goal is to expose you and/or your child to a variety of driving experiences that will develop him or her to be a safe, responsible and defensive driver. We have instructed over 1000 Teenager and Adults. Most of our instructors are college graduates, and have years of driving experience.

There are many driving schools in the area that will teach you and/or your child how to drive, but at Noble Driving Academy, not only do we teach how to drive, but teach how to be a safe, responsible, respectful, and defensive drivers as well. Our curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of you and/or your child.

Through our commitment, dedication, experience, and expertise, Noble Driving Academy has established a professional relationship with our students that will last a lifetime of safe driving.

At Noble Driving Academy, our emphasis is placed on linking visual search skills, space management, and balanced vehicle movement to risk-reducing driving strategies. Significant attention is given to risk awareness, driver alertness, and responsible actions relative to occupant protection devices, positive interactions with other roadway users, and the physical and psychological conditions that affect driver performance. We also understand the importance of appropriate educational experiences for each individual student. Our instructors are well trained, patient, and enthusiastic individuals who have been selected for their educational background and experiences, and their dedication to traffic safety issues involving all drivers. The classes of Noble Driving Academy are focused on providing exceptional service to students based on advance teaching material. We use the Virginia Curriculum and Administrative Guide for Driver.

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  • Teen Driver Education
  • Teen Behind-the-Wheel
  • 5-point Driver improvement Clinic
  • Private Driving Lessons
  • Adult Behind-the-Wheel
  • Use of Car for DMV Road Test
  • Re-Examination (3 time test failure of learners permit)
  • Re-Examination (3 time test failure DMV Road Test)
  • Permit Exam Preparation
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • Refresher Course
  • 90 Minute parent and Teen
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We are offering Behind-the-Wheel everyday. For the earliest available date, call or register online.


We are offering Behind-the-Wheel everyday. For the earliest available date, call or register online.


We are offering Behind-the-Wheel everyday. For the earliest available date, call or register online.

In-class Driver Improvement Clinic

This class is offered by Noble Driving Academy and is held at our Alexandria, VA office. We are certified by DMV and National Safety Council to offer Driver Improvement Clinic.

  1. Register Online
  2. Complete In-class Driver improvement Clinic
  3. Receive a certificate of completion the same day
  4. DMV's system will reflect the completion within 24-48 hours

Online Driver Improvement Clinic

This course is offered by gototrafficschool.com. Once you register online, you will have a login access to start the online course. After completing the online course, you will select an authorized testing center. Once you have passed the test, gototrafficschool.com will mail your certificate.

This course is not for 20 or under that age.

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In-Class Driver Education Course

This course is offered by Noble Driving Academy and is held at our office in Alexandria Virginia. We offer Driver Education classes every month with class size of 15 students or less. Our goal is to foster a learning environment with dedicated attention to every student.

  1. Register Online
  2. Complete In-Class Driver Education
  3. Receive a certificate of completion on the last day of the class

Online Driver Education Course

This Course is offered by driveredtogo.com. This course is completed online and a certification of completion is mailed to the house.

To get credit for this course, student must be home-schooled. Documentation will be required prior to issuance of certificate.

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Hello my Friends, Just wanted take the time to say how grateful I am for being one of your students! Sultan & Adeel you guys are wonderful teachers, and your technique and soft spoken but direct to the point is A+ in my book. Speaking of "A" that is just what I got at DMV, 100% on Signs also 100% on Knowledge all that was because of: Noble Driving Academy. Thank you all once again for me, now being a Licensed Driver Paul D. Moore

— Paul Moore

The in-class session at NOBLE DRIVNG ACADEMY is very educational and the instructors are easy to understand. You don’t have to be a genius and NOBLE DRIVING ACADEMY truly wants you to be a safe driver. They made the class very active and something I enjoyed attending.

— Austin Robertson

I was referred by my relative to take driving lessons from noble driving academy. My learning experience was beyond my expectations and I managed to pass behind the wheels test in my first go. My trainer made me very comfortable and gave me confidence that I could actually drive really well. He was also very accommodating with my work schedule otherwise it would have been really difficult for me to take these lessons. I'm glad i took my lessons from them and highly recommend noble driving academy.

— Sana Ali

I was referred to Noble Driving by a friend who used them to train her daughter for behind the wheel. I was pleased with the training they provided my son, working with him around his school schedule. Always were very prompt and cordial and gave in-depth lessons for about two weeks. The owner was also very professional over the phone and responded back timely to my concerns/emails. Would recommend them to everyone.

— Kim Andre

My son participated in the Noble Driving Academy program in June 2011. We were very impressed with the program. He enjoyed the class and the on-road instruction. They kept it interesting and fun for the kids. It was well worth the money and I feel much better about him driving alone now. I highly recommend the program. 

— Khalil A.

I registered with Noble Driving Academy for an 8-hour driver improvement class. To be honest, I was very frustrated that I had to attend the class for a traffic violation. I couldn't have found a better school or a better instructor. I arrived at Noble Driving Academy at 8am and instantly on arrival, Sultan (instructor) greeted me with great energy. He really took his time to get to know each of the student's concerns and somehow managed to hit key points. He followed the agenda from the handbook and made it interesting to keep the whole class engaged. I really believe that Noble Driving Academy and Sultan are true believer of safe driving and how they can change it one driver at a time. The class was exactly eight hours long and time passed very fast. I highly recommend anyone that needs to attend a driving school to first call Noble Driving Academy and ask for Sultan (instructor) or Roger (office manager)

— Jacob P.

I enjoyed Noble Driving Academy from the first call to the day I go my license. I spoke to a guy name Roger (office manager) who spent about 30 minutes on the phone going over the process and setting clear expectations. I never once felt that Noble Driving Academy committed more than what they could deliver. I enjoyed my instructor (Adeel) who not only instructed me about driving but also defensive driving. I had lot of fun during my lesson and all the other students where always enjoying their time. The lesson where on point and fun. I will highly recommend Noble Driving Academy for someone who is looking for a place that is pure professionalism and someone who is looking to have fun while learning. Great job Noble Driving Academy and many thanks!!

— James T.

i am super excited that i fund Noble Driving Academy. I got there number off of one of the cars that they use to teach student (new car) I registered for behind the wheel and my instructor was Edwen whom was great. He took the extra time and focused on highway driving. we drove on 95 for three of my lesson and i feel a lot more comfortable around 16 wheeler. Noble Driving Academy is the best school because they are good in communication and the best to learn from. I am super happy of Noble Driving and i highly recommend them.

— Shawn H.

i called around many places and finally Noble Driving Academy was the only one that answer the phone. They took their time in explaining everything from the start to finish. I had the best instructor name Edwen who was always on time and even gave me lesson at night after my request. Since i got my licenses two weeks ago, Edwen has called me two times to follow up on how my driving is and if i need anything. I have already sent two of my friend who cant stop talking about an instructor name Mohammed and Adeel. I will highly recommend that you save your time and call Noble Driving Academy for the best services - and did i say that i was please with the cars (looked brand new)

— Robert H.

Taking Noble Driving Academy was one of the best choices I made. The instructer really worked with my schedule. He helped me get my license in less than a week and really made me feel comfortable driving. He remained calm and gave me really good driving advice. The instructor took me too various roads in order to help me master any difficulty I would come in contact with while driving. Prices fit me perfectly and I have no complaints. I recomend Noble Driving Academy to all my friends and family.

— Rehman A.

I took the 8 hour driver improvement clinic last weekend. The instructor was very knowledgeable and seemed to know what he was talking about (although looked young). Presentation was great and he shared some interesting stories (some funny some sad) and makes you aware of the all the driving hazards. He gave me my certificate the same day and sent to DMV same day as well. CONVENIENT! I would recommend everyone to take the same clinic with him.

— Lisa B.

I am surprise to read such a review for Noble Driving Academy, They are the BEST because I learned a lot and now I can drive in VA. Mr. Roger actually advised me to go with a package with fewer hours because anything more would be too much for me. I am very happy that i someone of great value is running this company and I will recommend everyone - they are the BEST

— Aftab K.

My English is not the best so please forgive my mistakes in this review. I normally don't do reviews but I believe that people need to know about Noble Driving Academy. I am 46 and never had the need to drive a car in my country, but I learned that was not the case in Northern Virginia. I called few places that literally hung up because it takes me an extra time to understand due language difference. I called Noble Driving Academy and spoke to someone by the name Roger. I was suppressed that Roger was very tolerant because he stayed on the phone for about 45 minutes and never said anything about my language barrier. He was very understanding because he compared my journey to friends and many of his students. I asked for his recommendation on packages and was surprised that he didn't recommend the most expensive. In fact, he suggested a mid grade package and said we can add additional hours as needed to fit my budget. My instructor was Adeel and he was very patient with me and answered my questions. He took me in different areas to expose me to heavy and light traffic. I can proudly say that I am a safe beginner-licensed driver solely because of Noble Driving Academy. I will tell my family and friends to use them for anything

— Anders N.

I am very impressed... i got a call from Noble Driving Academy three weeks after my daughter got her license. They called for a follow up and invited me back to the office for feed back and how they could improve there service. I am convinced that this company will go place with one thing in center of their operation - customer satisfaction.

— Paul M.

I am very impressed with the staff of Noble Driving Academy. The are professional and very good at following up with students. I took behind the wheel and now I have a VA license. Thank your Noble Driving Academy for everything -

— Partick J.

This review goes for how great Noble Driving Academy was the time I spent with them. I started off with no permit and barely any driving experience, Muhammed Bashir was my instructor, he was the best, very patient, he gave the best efficient tips, driving behind the wheel was an awesome experience with these guys, I totally recommend it with anyone for any driving educational purposes. Thank you guys!

— Kent K.

Muhammed Bashir was an excellent driving teacher. He taught me the fundamentals of driving. This was my first time driving ever and he helped me with everything that I need to know.

— Brittany H.

Muhammad Bashir was an awesome instructor for my 17 yr old daughter. He was informative, professoonal, was calm and made her feel at ease while driving but helped her remain aware of. Requiredtechnical skills at the same time. He even continued her tra ining during the holiday season so that she coild complete the training on target. We would recommend this instructor to anyone we know in need. Way to go Mo! And thank you for making her experience and training as enjoyable as possible.

— Crystal J.

I used Noble Driving Academy to take my behind the wheel test. My instructor, Muhammed Bashir was really helpful and very patient. He gave some great tips and ALWAYS emphasized the importance of driving safely. And I will HIGHLY recommend this driving school and instructor Muhammed Bashir for driving lessons! Real cool guy, Corrects your weakness and makes you become a better driver.

— Maria C

I had been working to get my license and Noble Driving was good about that. My instructor Muhammed was really patient and helped me to fix a lot of my mistakes like changing lanes and turning. He was really helpful and really patient. I would recommend this place to all my friends

— Avery P.

Thank you Mohammed for helping build my confidence behind the wheel and especially in parallel parking. Your patience and clarity in instruction is highly appreciated.

— Garima G.

Thank you Muhammed for helping build my confidence behind the wheel and especially in parallel parking. Your patience and clarity in instruction is highly appreciated.

— Sara S.

I was very nervous going into the behind the wheel driving program. I thought that I would be instantly kicked out because of the poor driving skills I had at the begging. I met up with my driving instructor Muhammed Bashir and he was so welcoming,nice, and made sure that I felt comfortable in the car and not nervous. I would remember asking so many questions about what was ok or not while I was driving and he would always answer respectfully and kind and tell me what was wrong and not. In my experience with him driving I don't think I could of had a better driving instructor then Muhammed. Hes really knows how to teach well and it actually sticks! I never thought I would become a good driver but with him it became possible and Im truly happy I had that experience with him.

— Karen L

Going into the behind the wheel program, I didn't know what to expect but my instructor (Muhammed) clarified the whole program well. I would ask questions during my driving sessions and his answers improved my driving more ad more everytime. I deffinately recommend this company to anyone who needs to so behind the wheel or any driving course really. He prepared me very well for my road test. I used the tips and corrections he told me, when I was driving with my parents.

— Natasha H.

Noble Driving School is AMAZING. Not only is it cheaper than the competing driving schools, but it is also very convenient. You can opt to be picked up from your house or school, and they are always on time. My instructor was Mohammed, and he was very patient when I made mistakes. I would recommend this driving school to anyone, because my experience was awesome.

— Aaliyah M.

Noble Driving Academy and in particular Muhammed Bashir (my driving instructor) is extremely professional and excelent driving school. The school has an office, so when you call there is either someone who picks up the phone right away or you get a call back. I was really happy to have Muhammed as my driving instructor. I did 10 driving hours with him and I can say that he is an excellent instructor. He starts with the basics, and gradually preps you for the driving test. Furthermore, he is very calm, patient and explains very well with a lot of examples so you can understand better.

— Dilyana W.

The driver mohammed was great!!! I started off knowing nothing at all he was very patient and encouraging. If you need to learn to drive go through noble driving academy and request Mohammed as a teacher I promise you wont regret it!!!!!!

— Mercedes U.

Noble Driving Academy was recommended to our 16-year old daughter by her friend. We researched this company and liked what we read about them. Upon meeting one of their instructor's, Adeel, we liked them even more -- Adeel is perfect for teaching new drivers, especially young 16 year olds! He was extremely professional, on time, patient, and best of all safety conscious.. We would highly recommend Noble Driving Academy for anyone seeking a reputable driver education company.

— Dave B.

I am an adult driver in my early 30s and I have my driver's license. However, before coming to Noble I had little experience on the road since I spent most of my life in big cities where driving was unnecessary and even a nuisance. For most of my life I never even owned a car, and I had very little confidence driving - I felt nervous just getting in the driver's seat. I decided that I wanted to overcome my lack of experience and nervousness, especially on the highway. I found Noble Driving Academy after looking at several other schools. They were by far the most responsive and easiest to communicate with. The price also seemed reasonable to me ($440 for 10 hours of driving lessons). I took driving lessons before I got my license about ten years ago, and have taken a few since, but Muhammed Bashir at Noble was far and away the best driving teacher I've ever had. Muhammed made me feel very relaxed behind the wheel. He is easygoing and very calm, which sets a great tone for the lessons. He was always on time and very accommodating in terms of scheduling lessons around my busy schedule. What I really appreciated about Muhammed is his skill at explaining exactly what you need to do in various situations - he always explains in a simple and understandable way. For example, I was never sure exactly what the process should be for changing lanes, so Muhammed mapped it out for me step by step. He even got out of the car to show me exactly where I should be looking when I do a shoulder check. I really appreciated that Muhammed always maintained his cool and was able to correct me without making me feel bad. He also worked with me to build up to driving on the highway, which I now feel much better about. I know that I need more hours on the road to fully develop my driving abilities, but in ten hours, Muhammed has gotten me to a place where I feel I have all the skills I need to go out and get more experience on my own. Thanks Muhammed!

— Rachel S.

Muhammed Bashir was my driving instructor and he was really great! He is very considerate and is ready to work with your schedule! He is very professional but patient and friendly while instructing you. Most importantly, he constantly emphasizes the importance of safe driving. I would DEFINITELY recommend him to anyone looking for driving instruction, he is awesome!

— Vanessa K.

I used noble driving to take my behind the wheel test. My instructor, Muhammed was really great. He gave me some great tips and emphasized the importance of driving safely. He was also a great help with teaching me how to parallel park; he wrote down everything step by step.

— Briana H.

I picked 14-hour lessons there. Adeel is really great teacher with such patience with me. He wrote down details and feedbacks helping me improve my driving skills. Also, it increased my confidence. Also, I've borrowed the car from the school for the road skills test. Muhammed came pick me up and assured me as I was nervous on the way to the DMV. He gave me helpful tips before I went ahead take the road. I passed! I highly recommend this driving school!

— Paul G.

my time at Noble Driving Academy was very well spent. it was quick and fast and very cheap. got my license very fast. best driving school ever.

— Oscar L.

I had my behind the wheel with Noble Driving Academy and it was great. My instructor was Mohammed and it was just an overall fun learning experience. Great teacher, got my license right on time and couldn't have asked for better!

— Kyle C.

I would like to thank Noble Driving Academy and my instructor Mohammed. They provided me with the best experience while learning to drive. I am very pleased with the staff and how Noble Driving Academy conducts its business. Mohammed was always on time and very passionate about his job. He was always positive about my progress and never once did he raise his voice. I would highly recommend Noble Driving Academy and Mohammed was the best instructor. Save your time and money by calling Noble Driving Academy!

— Larisa B.

after taking behind the wheel this entire week with muhammad was really helpful, muhammad has helped me alot in improving my driving ability he taught me so many important facts while i was drving.He is really easy to communicate with and is able to handle so many other drivers at many different time.everytime i did a mistake muhammad corrected me and explained what i did wrong,overall after taking this academy class with muhammad i believe i'm a better driver now.

— Sergio P.

After taking Behind the Wheel with this organization, I was pleasantly pleased by the professionalism and helpfulness of my instructor, Muhammad. He is punctual, easy to communicate with, and very flexible with strenuous schedules. Also, he was very knowledgeable and friendly. Whenever I made a mistake on the road, Muhammad would tell me and then go on to explain the dangers of my mistake. Overall, after taking this course, I believe I have become a better driver.

— Jon T.

Noble Driving Academy was very professional and always on time. My son learned a lot from Muhammed Bashir. Muhammed was pleasant and very knowledgeable with the VA laws. He went the extra mile and really made an impression on my son. My son feels more confident and ready to go it alone. Thanks Muhammed

— Luis M.

I would like to just give a shout out my daughter's driving instructor. Mr. Muhammed Bashir. You did a good job in giving my daughter all the tools she need to drive. She is doing a very good job. You might not believe it but I ride with her know. She has really impressed me with the knowledge she has for driving now. She has come a long way and I would just like to say thank you and thank you. Mr Muhammed was a very nice person he worked with me and my daughter even when when she was scheduled to go driving and I had her out he was very patient with us. I would recommend Nobel driving to all my friends but I would tell them to request Mr Muhammed for their child teacher. GOOD JOB MR MUHAMMED BASHIR

— Kimberly A.

I had a wonderful week with my driving instructor Muhammad. He truly by the end of my session made me a better driver. His nice personality and understanding heart made the session go by funner and easier. I would extremely recommend this academy for behind the wheel because they really do teach you everything you need to know. I wouldn't have wanted to get my licence from any other academy!! :)

— Luwam B.

It was a great week with the driving instructor Muhammad . I would recommend this academy for behind the wheel . they teach you everything there is to know about the rules of the road to driving .

— Amy Burke

Nobel Driving Academy is the best! Muhammed who was my instructor he's a very nice, cool, and very paticent guy! He is the best instructor if you make a mistake he doesn't yell at you like your parents would but he just tells you not to worry and he tells you how to improve. He taught me how to drive. I actually took drivers ed and behind the wheel for a very affordable price!!! They were all very nice, and I am very happy and pleased with the service they offer! I would recommend this to anyone who is interesed in getting there license. :) My behind the wheel expericence was fun and I got over all my fears especially driving on the highway (395) thanks to them!Best driving school in the DMV area!

— Ron D

If you want to pass your Permit test or just want to become a better driver I recommended Noble Driving Academy. In the state of Virginia if your under 19 its a pain to get your Drivers licenses but these guys made it a breeze. If you can get an instructor try and get Mohammed he is the best of the best. Thanks Noble Driving Academy!

— MasterChef J.

Very involved. Very professional. Very supportive. Very flexible. Very friendly. Very helpful. Very convenient. Very effective/efficient. Used 18 hours of driving time. Took the test and nailed it the first time. Special thanks to my teacher Muhammed Bashir the best driving instructor in the world.

— Gyasi B.

I completed my lessons at Noble Driving school just last week! They were extremely professional and helpful. I worked with Mohammed as my behind the wheel teacher. He was VERY helpful and really took the time out to help you understand the rules of the road. If you didnt understand something he was wonderful at helping to make sure you understood. Very good instructor who takes his job seriously andisnt just one of those teachers who really doesnt care and will pass you just because he could.

— Julia J.

Many thanks to Mohammed Bashir! I passed the road test today at my FIRST shot and with ZERO mistake. It's a big accomplishment for me who never masters any machine. Mohammed helped both my wife and I to pass the road test in two months. He has been always patient, professional, punctuate, encouraging, considerate, flexible, client-oriented, and interesting. In my last two classes, he took me to the area of DMV and prepared me for all tricky turns, lights, stop signs...Before the test, he gave me a final rehearsal and more tips. I was confident during the test, because there was no longer any surprise. I strongly recommend Noble Driving and Mohammed!

— Xin L.

I wanted to learn driving for a while now, got in touch with Noble Driving Academy. With minimum possible classes and an amazing instructor Mohammed, I was able to clear my driving test in a single shot. He made me learn a few handy tips for driving and parking too. Today, am 100% more confident of myself on the road. I would really recommend this school and instructor !!

— Gurpreet K.

I am a student here at Noble and i loved every experience that i had. I had Mohamed as an instructor and he made driving very easy, he made it like it was a walk in the park. I felt so comfortable behind the wheel even going to the highway was not that hard. You will love this school so far is the best i have ever seen...

— Priscilla K.

Noble Driving Academy is undoubtedly the finest driving school available. I have found that through my personal experience as a student that their teaching method emphasizes safety and caution above all else, which has shaped me into an excellent beginning driver. I thoroughly recommend Noble Driving Academy to anyone interested in a great driving school in Virginia. Thank you Noble Driving!

— Parker L.

Noble Driving Academy is the best driving school in Northern Virginia. I called around numerous schools and even registered with another school, who never showed I called Noble Driving Academy who followed up on time and even went out of their way to provide feedback on my kid's progress. The Noble Driving Academy staff has perfected customer service and the importance of safe driving. My kid is a licensed driver in VA and we have recommended all of our friends to attend Noble Driving Academy. I am not sure how anyone can leave a negative comment since these guys truly show in their work that they care about customer loyalty. They are truly are the BEST. I would encourage anyone looking for any driving need - SAVE TIME AND CALL NOBLE DRIVING ACADEMY. Thank you again Noble Driving Academy's Staff You folks rock!!!!

— Eddy L

My instructor is Mohammed Bashir! I passed my road test at the first shot! I learnt how to drive in China 4 years ago, but I really need many hours to refresh, and Mohammed have such rich knowledge about the traffic and driving skills. Also he is very good at helping students to prepare for the road test. He is really patient and punctuate all the time. Thanks! Highly recommend this driving school and my instructor!

— Guili Z.

I have nothing but praise for Noble Driving Academy. From my first interaction to my last, every single staff member I came into contact was very professional. I'm in my late twenties and needed to finish learning to drive (never needed to really drive since DC has such good public transportation). After some initial research on-line in late February 2012, I decided to make a more detailed inquiry with Noble based on the philosophy they espoused on their website. After filling out the registration on-line, the office manager contacted me and explained their pricing, services, etc. This interaction alone was miles ahead in terms of professionalism compared to other schools I had made initial calls to in the past. I signed-up for an initial package of six two-hour lessons for a bit over $500. My instructor was Mohammed Bashir. He is a great teacher! Mohammed is really nice, clear, knowledgeable, and encouraging. He always texted me the night before our lessons to confirm when he was coming and was always flexible with scheduling. For my first lesson, Mohammed taught me how to perform a basic safety check of the car, and I got behind the wheel in an empty parking lot with a lot of turns, etc. to get use to the car. The next lesson we went on the road. For the next several weeks, I met with Mohammed for two hours most every Saturday and Sunday. Under his tutelage I steadily improved at a good pace. Recently, I took my driver's test and passed on the first try!

— Alex W.

The service was exceptional. Catered to my two children's schedule for both driver's education & behind the wheel. Both the instructors were very prompt & knowledgeable. I was given daily emails of my child's progress as well by their office manager (Roger). Would recommend all their services to anyone!

— Mohammad K.

I learned to drive thanks to them! They are very professional, knowledgeable, and always worry to give you the best safe driving education behind the wheel. Thank you Noble driving Academy.

— Paloma J.

Adeel was the perfect instructor for our daughter who was very nervous and hesitant about learning to drive. He was patient, encouraging, and thorough, with a quiet sense of humor that made my daughter truly enjoy her lessons. Highly recommended!!

— Deborah Kent

Noble Driving Academy got back to me promptly after I initially contacted them. They explained how they operated and what my son and I could expect as we moved forward. We had 10 lessons. They were always timely. They were flexible as to scheduling due to the summer vacation season. The instructor was very professional and courteous. 2 aspects of the driving lessons were very impressive. First, from the very start the instructor put my son at ease about the whole experience. Naturally one can be very nervous about a new experience, especially learning to drive a car. My son came back much less nervous after the first lesson. He did not seem nervous again during the process. Second, after the 10 lessons when we started driving for the 45 hours to meet the state requirements, the parents were able to remain calm because our son new how to do all the things one needs to learn and do before they take their driving test. So it was just a matter of doing all of the different types of driving to have our son to gain experience. Driving in rain, driving at night, driving in snow, driving on the interstate and driving in rush hour traffic. We would highly recommend Noble Driving Academy to all of our friends and family. We have now finished the 45 hour requirement and will be taking the driving test, with all expectations that our son will pass and get his driver's license.

— Robert Warden

They quickly responded and worked around my son's schedule to fit in his required behind the wheel driving

— Monroe Neal

The service was excellent. They were able to start providing lessons the week after I called and were able to accommodate my son's schedule, which is quite busy at this time of year. My son was very comfortable with Adeel, his instructor. During the period the lessons were being given, Adeel provided me an update on what aspects of driving had been covered and what remained to be accomplished as well as his assessment of my son's driving. At the end of the lessons, Adeel covered in detail the restrictions on our son's license. We were very pleased with the experience and would use them again.

— Mary Caiazzo

My daughter said it was a great experience. She felt comfortable and learned a lot from Adeel. Thank you for everything.

— Debra Gardner

My wife learnt to drive with this school and below is her comments: I newly moved here and had zero driving experience. We looked at different driving schools from Alexandria and DC area, and made inquiries with a few. Besides the many great reviews on Angie's List Noble Driving Academy had that no one else had, it was also the one that replied fastest, gave the most helpful information and had the best price, so we picked Noble Driving. I started with a 10-hour package as advised, and renewed for more based on my progress. I passed the road test this morning on my first try. I am very glad that we picked Noble Driving Academy. It was a great learning experience for me. My instructor was Muhammed Bashir and he was great. He had a very friendly teaching approach and good teaching skills. The stuff for me to learn and to practice in each lesson was very nicely organized based on my progress, and was always a combination of challenges and fun. I had no knowledge about driving whatsoever prior to this, and was expecting a long and stressful learning process. However with the help from Muhammed, I managed to get my license with very limited number of lessons, and I never felt stressed. I highly recommend this school and Muhammed in particular.

— Timothy Bish

We needed to have private lessons instead of Behind the Wheel because of timing. Noble established a great schedule, and were always on time. When the time came to get the license, we were missing some of the paperwork. They came back on the instructor's day off to complete the process after we got the paperwork. Would highly recommend.

— Andrew Goodson

The thing I liked the best about this was he was able to work around our schedule. The schools cost more money as well. He would even come to our house to get her. I didn't have to take her to a location. He was very informative during the lessons.

— Sharon Reynolds

Overall it's a wonderful experience. I made a phone call to inquire about the driving lessons needed to pass a road test in DC, and was told that they are not licensed to teach in DC but if i can go to VA they would be happy to teach the driving skills needed. Based on the great reviews on Angie's list, I chose to take metro to VA and take the lessons. I was not disappointed at all. My coach Muhammed is great. He was always punctual, very patient and great in explaining/ showing step-by-step instructions. I am on my second learner's permit and have been driving occasionally for inter-state travel (accompanied by licensed driver of course), but never tried parallel parking (seems way too complicated). After 6 lessons, Muhammed's detailed instruction made it like a piece of cake, which is truly beyond my expectation!

— Tingting Guo

Noble driving academy is really doing a great service and most of all by have the right certified instructors who listen, understand and help in the learning process. Adeel Tahiri from Noble driving was the instructor assigned to me and he was calm & professional. In one class he identified my strengths and weaknesses as a driver. He used different routes /various scenarios to provide a wealth of information on good behavior on the road. With instructors like this Noble can do no wrong!

— Monisha Menon

After researching several companies on Angie's List, I chose to use Noble Driving Academy based on the excellent reviews they received. From my initial contact with Noble Driving, I was very pleased. The office manager and scheduler Roger was very professional and explained all the services they offered. I signed my son up for 10 hours of private lessons and the mandatory behind the wheel instruction. My son was very nervous and lacked confidence in his driving abilities, his instructor Muhammed Bashir was excellent. He showed up for every appointment on time and if he was going be late he always called to let us know. Muhammed made my son feel very comfortable and gave his confidence a boost which was what he really needed. I also like that Muhammed gave me feedback on the driving lessons, He let me know what my son still needed to work on and what he was good at. Thinking back 5 years ago when my daughter got her license, I didn't get any feedback from the company I used all they did was take my money and hand her a license at the end of the week. After completing 10 hours of private lessons my son was able to drive on the FFX County Parkway, 495, 66 and the Dulles Toll Road with ease. My son now has his license! I couldn't be more pleased with Muhammed and the rest of the staff at Noble Driving Academy. They did an awesome job. I would definitely recommend this company to others you will not be disappointed.

— Adrienne Robinson

Well it could not have gone better. The instructor, Mohamed, related well to my daughter. She said he made her feel relaxed during the instruction and testing process and provided a constructive driving tip or two without making her feel negative. Lauren was always emergenic and feeling positive after each session. In our briefout with Mohamed, I noticed that he possessed an effective style of relating the seriousness of driving responsibility without being preachy or lecturing. I have reccommended Nobel Driving Academy to a friend.

— steve golis

Great. Adeel Tahir was great for our teeneager to work with and learn from. I will definitely have our other teenager use Noble Driving Academy.

— Karen Van Buren

Noble fulfilled our expectations. Everyone with whom we had contact was pleasant and responsive. They were not the cheapest of the companies we contacted, and I would have appreciated a discount for having my daughter's friend sign up at the same time, but overall, we were satisfied with Noble's quality of service. We'll call them back when our son is ready to learn to drive.

— Kimberly Schauer